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February 2, 2022- Hardin County                                                              

KAE4-HA Spring Conference                                                          April 19th-21st, 2021

Task Force membership is a vital part of the Association. Below, you will find a list of KAE4-HA Task Forces with membership lists and plans of work for the coming year. If you have any questions regarding Task Forces, please contact the Programs Committee Chair: Janeen Tramble (jtramble@uky.edu).

Afterschool (Chair: Julie Brown)
Goal: To raise awareness of the current afterschool program, resources, and professional development available for youth educators throughout the United States. 

Animal Science (Chair: Mollie Tichenor)
Goal: To help members understand more about animal science opportunities and to create documents and organization that cam be templates for anyone who want to use them.

Camping & Environmental Education (Chair: Danielle Hutchins)
Goal: To develop a 4-H Camp/Environmental Camp promotional video and get it in markets across Kentucky including Teen Conference, 4-H Summit, and other gatherings like the State Fair; To enhance and support Camping and Environmental Education in the 4-H Youth Development Extension Work. 

Communication & Expressive Arts (Chair: Isaac Hollon)
Goal: To raise awareness. promote, and facilitate the sharing of program ideas related to communication and expressive arts to 4-H memvers, volunteers, and professionals. 

Geospatial Programs (Chair: Jann Burks)
Goal: To promote geospatial technologies in the 4-H program; To showcase youth geospatial projects; To provide geospatial resource information. 

Global Citizenship (Chair: Verlene Congleton)
Goal: To help 4-H members, volunteer leaders, and staff develop and apply citizenship skills in civic education, cultural and global competencies, civic engagement, personal development, and service. 

Healthy Living (Chair: Wanda Paris)
Goal: To promote healthy living programming ideas and information to members nationwide. 

Urban Programming (Chair: Vacant)
Goal: To increase dialogue and understanding of the unique needs of 4-H programming in urban areas. 

Workforce Development and Career Exploration (Chair: Janet Turley)
Goal: To raise awareness of workforce development and career exploration activities and programs available for youth educators throughout Kentucky and the United States. 

Youth In Governance (Chair: Roberta Hunt)
Goal: To encourage 4-H professionals to advocate for the voice, influence, and decision making authority of young people.