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February 2, 2022- Hardin County                                                              

KAE4-HA Spring Conference                                                          April 19th-21st, 2021

There are seven reasons why you should join your
Kentucky Association of Extension 4-H Agents.

Your Association strives:

  • To advance the professional status of Extension 4-H personnel.
  • To promote cooperation among all Extension personnel.
  • To encourage professional improvement of all Extension personnel.
  • To promote Extension 4-H work as a professional career.
  • To provide an opportunity for the exchange of ideas, methods and techniques.
  • To strengthen communications with Extension administration.
  • To promote the educational programs of the University of Kentucky and Kentucky State University.


You will learn that others are having or have had the same problems as you and will share solutions they have used.

Professional Development  
Programs are offered at state and national conferences.

Friends and Fellowship  
You will develop close friendships with co-workers from across the state and nation through the times spent at state and national conferences.

Extension professionals can receive recognition for their accomplishments by applying for awards. These include: Tommy Bunch Memorial for newly employed agents, Achievement in Service, Distinguished Service, American Spirit, 25 years of Service, Public Relations and Information Awards, Communicator Awards, Granville King Diversity Award, John Swack Mentor Award, Extra Effort Award, Newspaper Awards, Outstanding Program Award, Education Technology, Excellence in Team Work, National Resources, Professional Development, and Search for Excellence in Teen Programs.

State and national scholarships are offered to members to further their education.

All members receive the official publications of your state (OUTBURST) and national (NEWS & VIEWS) associations. These are mailed to you or sent electronically.

Committee work is very important to the life of KAE4-HA for it is through committees and sub-committees that members deal with issues of concern to 4-H extension professionals. All members can serve by selecting from these committees -  

Task Forces
Task forces are established at the winter and spring meetings . These groups of KAE4-HA members work to identify areas of need within our state and then outline ways to meet these needs. You can choose a task force and remain on it for one year or more.